The Versatile Controller deVCU

For your purpose-fit applications :

      • Designed for 12V/24V systems
      • Compact housing
      • Customized features & applications
      • Universal calibration & monitoring
      • Designed for Four Wheeler 

deVCU as Four Wheeler Vehicle Controller


  • Drive Management                                                                                
  • Communication with the BMS
  • AC charging communication & monitoring
  • DC charging monitoring
  • Communication with the on-board charger
  • Communication with the power steering control unit 
  • Communication with instrument cluster unit & infotainment system
  • Cabin climate control management 
  • Control of the Auxiliary MCU
  • Communication with DC-DC charger
  • System diagnostics
  • Algorithm development environment in MATLAB/Simulink
  • Support for generating executables that include algorithms, device drivers & real time operating system
  • Full access to I/Os
  • Full read access of all signals
  • Real time calibration
  • SW download via TAPAS calibration tool
  • Calibration & measurements interface via CAN

Two Wheeler Vehicle Control Unit + IoT deVCU Lite

vcu lite

Features :​

  • Controller : STM32 series​

  • GSM Interface : 4G​

  • Vehicle Interface : CAN 2.0A/B​

  • Supply : 9V to 25V DC​

  • 12V Digital Inputs  = 8​

  • 12V Digital Outputs = 4​

  • IP67 Rated Enclosure​

  • Real Time Clock with backup​


  • Application : Electric Vehicle VCU + Telematics​

  • Classic Bluetooth 2.0 ​

  • On board uSD card​

  • Dual SIM interface ( Under development )​

  • Over voltage protection​

  • Amazon AWS Cloud Integration​

  • Open IoT Thingsboard Integration                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

UDS Diagnostics Stack - 

Diagnostic session control  

ECU reset  

Tester present  

Read/write data by identifier  

Read/write memory by address  

Clear diagnostic info  

Read DTC  

IO control by identifier  

Routine control  

Request download  

Request upload  

Transfer data  

Request transfer exit 



Pin Naming 

Parameter Naming and configuration 

DTC Naming and configuration 

Code Flashing 

Parameter value change based on UDS protocol 

DTC (Diagnostic Error Code) reading based on UDS protocol 

XCP protocol for reading runtime environmental variables (RTE) 

CAN database import (.dbc)  

Field Stories

Vehicle Platform Electric Bus Project          

deVCU as Vehicle Controller 

Scope of Work           

Model based development 


Matlab based code generation 

Team Size – 3 Resources 


Planned for production 

Customer Location          


Development Toolchain

CAN dbc file import for communication message configuration.
Dedicated MATLAB Simulink tool boxes 
ISO 14229-2013-03-15 UDS Diagnostics stack 
IoT Devices
IoT Devices

Automotive IoT Devices

•Customized firmware development
•Customized hardware development
•Ready solutions
•Cloud interface
•Customized Packaging