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  • EV Industry Entry Point Analysis 
  • Supply Chain Localization for EV
  • JV Setup for Local Manufacturing
  • Should Cost Analysis for Motor + Inverter

Embedded Electronics

  • VCU - Vehicle Control Unit
  • UCMS – Ultra Capacitor Monitoring System
  • MOSFET based Battery Disconnect Unit
  • Master Slave Data Acquisition System

Model Based Development

  • Model based Application software 
  • Model based on-board diagnostics module 
  • Calibration and Monitoring Tools
  • Low Cost HIL and Smart Breakout Box

IoT, Data Science, ML

  • Guided and Remote Troubleshooting
  • EV fleet data analysis
  • ADAS Feature Development
  • Perception and localization

Electric Powertrain

  • System Architecture & Specificatiion
  • Simulation & Modeling
  • Range,Power & Efficiency Determination
  • Compoent Level Specification

Vehicle Integration

  • Powertrain integration in LCV
  • Battery pack for Hybrid LCV
  • VCU integration in Bus
  • Powertrain 2W Hybrid EV

About Us

Devise provides engineering services to its customers across the product life-cycle. With more than 40,000+ hours of engineering experience, Devise has completed 70+ projects across industry verticals. Devise has been in the fore-front of new technologies supporting customers engineering electric vehicles, working on autonomous vehicles, bringing innovation into traditional segments and leading the implementation of Industry 4.0. With dedicated teams across customer locations and domains, Devise has been supporting customers to achieve the 'Proof of Concept".

In 2019, 18 customers were able to launch a total of 20 products engineered by Devise, while many others are in the final stages of development. With valuable support provided in the testing and validation phase, Devise has been able to bring about 20% reduction in validation expenses. Devise has taken over maintenance of legacy products for customers thereby enabling their core teams to innovate. Devise has also supported digitization of engineering data and enabled cloud based engineering.

With global customer reach and single point of contacts in 3 continents, Devise is supporting multi-national and global customers while seamlessly using the cloud and secure databases for engineering data transfer.

Our Vision

To be the preferred partner for R&D services for our clients with

End to End Support

Quality Delivery





Rising on quality and on-time delivery of our initial projects, Devise has grown to establish its unique presence in early stage R&D, Proof of Concept Development and Prototyping in the initial phase of product development.

Devise is also active in the product optimization and laying out the 'path to production' for the customer.

Our Troubleshooting, Diagnostics and Documentation knowledge further enables us to support the customer in Product Launch and Post Launch phases.

Our Global Locations


Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA

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Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Detroit, Michigan, USA 

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Gothenburg, Sweden

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Graz, Austria

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