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Market Representation

Devise supports global electronics components manufacturers to establish presence in the Indian market.

Devise responsibility ranges from:


Sales and Distribution

Application Engineering

Battery Management Systems

Lithium Balance BMS is designed to be a long-term solution for our customers with the highest level of safety in mind. Advanced algorithms and electronics ensure high precision measurements:

  • Functionally safe
  • Fast and efficient balancing
  • Shortened charging time
  • Improved range per charge
  • Maximum battery life

Lithium Balance A/S

DC Contactors and Power Distribution Unit

Altran Magnetics, Inc., brings innovative electrical and electronic solutions to a broad base of users and OEMs. Altran has a diverse product scope of DC contactors and integrated and customized Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and Battery Disconnect Unit (BDU). 

The BDU performs several functions including Fusing, Terminal Interfacing, Pre Charging and Current Sensing. Altran has a global design team that can customize most products to meet specific needs. 

Altran Magnetics Inc.

Particle Emission Sensor

Pegasor particle sensor is the most advanced of these, because:

  • It measures the correlation between particle mass and number
  • Its sensitivity meets all the requirements of modern engine technology as well as current and upcoming regulations
  • It’s very low maintenance in the garage

Our sensors integrate seamlessly with your existing measurement solutions or can be used as stand-alone systems.